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Current audits and assessments available to our clients.

The Highpoint Group provides clients with its proprietary assessment of key areas of their business, which can serve as the basis and roadmap for our partnership.

Political Audit

Today, politics affects your work and your organization, whether you believe it or not. We seek to provide clients with a view of potential inefficiencies or gaps in understanding your organization’s position with respect to political and policy-related issues that could affect your bottom line. We will provide a diagnostic of those issues, and recommendations to move forward.

Please contact [email protected] to learn more and to schedule your organization’s Political Audit.

Sales & Revenue Assessment

At any level of growth, activity and conversations are key metrics for sales success. We will review your go-to-market strategy, and provide recommendations for attaining predictable and recurring revenue.

Please contact [email protected] to schedule your organization’s Sales Assessment.

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